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Twister Swaroski Crystal Light Set

8.00 / Euro9.60

Set of dummy lights 'sparkly crystals for Trianglar ltop lighboard, head and tail lights for each twsiter car.
172 crystals total in white red and orange
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Twister Motorising kit.

16.00 / Euro19.20

Motorising kit for Twister ride. Motor/gearbox and bevel gears.
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Fairground Twister/Sizzler Complete

162.00 / Euro194.40

New Twister/Sizzler/Mixer/Cyclone it comes under many names....
Kit bundle giving the Twister ride, motor/gearbox and swaroski crystal lights for cars and lightboard.

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12 car Twister (mixer or grasscutter) (OO Scale 1/76th)

12 car Twister (mixer or grasscutter) (OO Scale 1/76th)

152.70 / Euro183.24

12 car Twister ride. Circular ride 310mm diameter plus 40mm paybooth on one side. 95mm tall. The ride can be motorised to run like the real thing ride spinning clockwise and cars relvolving anticlockwise, comes with a double paybooth steps and a checkaplate floor for easy building. The cars (12off) are cast in one piece in metal. Ride is brass metal and resin.
A simple motor/gearbox is all that is needed to motorise and the mechanics are build in to the design
We are doing an extra kit of Swarovski crystal dome lights. These are done in a pack for the front and rear lights of the cars plus extra crystals for the top lighting board. Kit Q48b

We are doing an introductory bundle offering the ride/motor and crystals at a discount price.
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Cricket Game Figures and Equiment the whole field. (OO scale 1/76th)

22.00 / Euro26.40

The cricket Game the whole sherbang! RRP £26.20 Special Price
Bundled set to include the fielders, batsman umpires, sight screen, portable scoring board and seated cricketers (waiting to come on the field)
Unpainted kit.
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Painted Cricket figures , site screen , scoring board and seated figures

60.00 / Euro72.00

Full price £69.85 Special Bundle price £60.
Ready made and Painted the whole sherbang!
Cricket fielders, batsman and umpires, sight screen , scoring board and seated crickets the rest of the team waiting to play.
Included F35 F35b F35c and F35d.

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